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The Benefits of Homeownership

I recently came across an article on the Habitat for Humanity website, it was a study on the comparisons between families who are renters versus those who are homeowners. There was a huge list of statistics. They compared everything from the likeliness of teenage pregnancy, to the likeliness of folks doing home repairs, and having high math scores. While some of the comparisons seemed a little bit dramatic, they were making a great point and that is, how greatly the stability of homeownership benefits a family.

When you own a home, you aren’t worried about how long you’ll be living there from month to month. So, you feel comfortable spending money to make improvements, decorate as you please, and landscape your yard. And since you aren’t going anywhere soon, you decide to build relationships with your neighbors. You get to know your dry cleaner, your butcher, your nail girl/therapist, all the vendors at your local farmers market, etc. You stick around for a while and start a family. Your kids aren’t worried about being moved to a new school, so they build relationships. They grow up knowing which high school they’ll be going to, so early on they build up a healthy dose of hometown pride. As a family, you get involved with the community. Maybe your boys play football, your daughter spends her time at the community theater, your husband is in a fantasy football league, and you’re a member of a ladies-only-trashy-romance-novel-with-a-side-of-martinis book club. Your organizations lead your family to doing fundraising and volunteer work, okay, maybe just your kids’ organizations… Your kids find out how good it feels to give back, so they continue to do so. Eventually your kids go to […]

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Modular vs Site Built

People all over the world are starting to go with modular built homes over site built homes and for some very good reasons! Prior to working for Palm Harbor Homes if you would have asked me what a modular home was, I would have told you it was a fancy name for a good old fashioned trailer home, and oh, how wrong I would have been. So, here is my go at explaining the differences between Modular and Site Built homes.


I’ll start by saying your end product is the same. Modular and Site Built refer to the type of construction, not the style of home. So why choose one over the other?


The main thing to keep in mind, is that modular homes are built in a factory, well, 80% of your home is built in a factory, then delivered to your home site. That’s were the last 20% of the construction is completed, it mostly consists of setting your house because, it is delivered in parts. By building in a factory, you have a lot of advantages that make modular homes cheaper, stronger, greener, and faster to build.
With a site build home, you have to wait for your site work to be done before you can ever start construction. With Palm Harbor, and most modular home builders, we send a crew out to your home site to lay the foundation and complete the site work while construction has already been started in the factory. This helps make the process much quicker!
Another great feature is that modular construction stays unaffected by weather in a factory. Not only does it keep us on schedule to not stop for rain, but it also wastes less materials and […]

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